Our hotel has been welcoming guests in the heart of Cologne since 1959. The history of the Cologne Citizens Corporation is closely connected with our hotel’s past.


  • On April 13, 1893 the Cologne Citizen Corporation is founded
    to acquire a privately owned  building.
  • From May 15, 1893 on, they additionally acquire a wine business.


  • After two relocations, the cooperation moves into the largest building of a German Citizen Corporation at the time. At Appellhofplatz they occupy a conference hall measuring 1,000 sqm.


  • Between 1905 and 1908 the corporation buys neighbouring properties and establishes its own wine bar.


  • In 1943 the building is almost destroyed completely during the Second World War.
  • After having restored the building provisionally, the location is used for meetings and gastronomic purposes.


  • On March 31, 1957 the building is sold to other buyers, including the broadcasting corporation WDR, which expands its facilities here. 
  • The Citizens Corporation uses the sales revenue to buy the estate area on the corner of Unter Goldschmied and Laurenzplatz.

1958 / 1959

  • On May 14, 1958 the cornerstone of the Senats Hotel is laid. In December 1959 the hotel is inaugurated.
  • The hotel is now managed by the Senats Hotel GmbH.


In 1993 the Senats Hotel building was declared a historic monument. Nevertheless, constant refurbishment and modernization has taken place.

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